Zoe Jazz

Zoe Jazz is a writer of fiction and poetry. She lives in Orlando, Florida.

The Last Caspian Tiger

Appropriate for middle schoolers to centenarians, The Last Caspian Tiger  is available in paperback now!

Show me the cat

This is my cat, Kovu, whom inspired me to write The Last Caspian Tiger.

Coming Soon

Discover what's coming next from Zoe Jazz.

The Last Caspian Tiger

In 1974, a Caspian tiger searches for food. She can remember a time before humans destroyed her home, took her prey, and hunted her kind down. But now she wanders, starving and alone. If she doesn't eat soon, she'll die, but how far will she have to go? Will she stay safely away from human eyes, or will she be caught?In 2034, an old man resides in a comfortable house with the latest technological conveniences. He is glad his son and granddaughter are visiting soon, but he dreads showing them the spoils he gathered from his youth as a hunter. What memory is he avoiding? What does he see when he looks at the gruesome trophies of his past?The story unveils as the past and future come together, bringing destruction, pain, and death, but also life. The Last Caspian Tiger sets the tragedy of human action against the persistence of the natural world. Who prevails?Paperback available now via Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Show Me The Cat

Kovu was given to me by a friend who bottle fed her as a stray kitten. She was born in August of 2014. She likes feet, hates being picked up, and her taste in dry food is picky but cheap.She inspired me to write The Last Caspian Tiger because her personality, while affectionate, carries a certain dignity that makes me wonder if she was a much larger cat in a recent past life.

Coming Soon

I've written a book of poetry-- actually, since putting out this video, I've determined it to be 2 books of poetry (maybe even 3). Clearly, it's going to be a bit longer before they're ready to be read, as they're currently heavy enough to be effectively used as a weapon.I'm also currently writing a young adult novel.Stay tuned!